2021 MDF Mentorship Award

At the MDF Comedy Show on Saturday, September 11th, MDF Board member and son of Mildred, Rich Piltch, announced the creation of the MDF Mentorship Award –

“The MDF Mentorship Award is presented to an individual who has served as an outstanding mentor to a mentee(s) or protege(s) and has made the world a better place just by being themselves. This individual provides guidance, motivation, support, and serves as a role model in both their personal and professional life without question or thought. It truly is just who they are. They take great pride in their role in a mentee's success and are dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of others. Their dedication and commitment are driven only by a desire to serve as a resource, help others in their community, and make the world a better place. The care and concern for others are part of their DNA. This individual has unknowingly been a positive influence in the lives of others as well as an essential and invaluable part of their personal and professional growth and success. Mildred would be proud to call this person a friend.”

MDF was extremely honored to present the 2021 MDF Mentorship Award to Meade Reynolds and the late Jim Reilly, both who quietly dedicated their lives to helping others strive for success. MDF is proud to make a $5,000 donation in both Meade and Jim’s names, a total of $10,000, to the charities of the Reynold’s and Reilly Families’ choice.

















MDF will also be creating a Mentorship Committee to collect future nominations for this award, and a volunteer-lead review process to select future recipients. If you are interested in nominating someone for this award and/or joining the MDF Mentorship Committee


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Image by Nareeta Martin